Active Minds is thrilled to recognize outstanding individuals, schools, chapters, and more during our 2023 Mental Health Conference.

Chapter of the Year

Vanderbilt University

This award recognizes an Active Minds chapter that sets itself apart as an invaluable asset to its campus. The Chapter of the Year has an effective executive board and passionate chapter members, hosts innovative programs that reach a large portion of the school population, and makes significant strides in changing its campus culture surrounding mental health.

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Adam Carlson Student Leader of the Year

Amna Mohammed, St. Francis Xavier Secondary School

This award is given to a student who made significant contributions to the Active Minds mission at their school. The Student Leader of the Year recipient leads by example, sets a standard of excellence, displays leadership, facilitates change in their campus community around mental health, builds coalitions, involves others in advocacy efforts, and develops trust with members of their campus community as individuals dedicated to changing the conversation about mental health.

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Chapter Advisor of the Year

Juan-Diego Estrada, The John Cooper School

This award is given to an advisor of Active Minds chapters who provides clarity, support, and meaningful counsel to their chapter. The Advisor of the Year Award recipient demonstrates dedication to their chapter that goes well beyond the basics of empowering their Active Minds chapter members to successfully use their voice to change the conversation about mental health on their campus.

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Peg’s Foundation Transformational Change Award

Bradley University

This award recognizes a chapter each year achieving lasting change through advocating for campus-wide policies, structures, systems, or practices that improve, protect, and prioritize student mental health, named in honor of a compassionate advocate for change and sponsored by our partners from a Foundation in her name.

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Luke Beischel Chapter Jumpstart Award

Bakersfield Christian High School

This scholarship, generously sponsored by Xavier University chapter alumnus Luke Beischel, will be awarded to a developing chapter registered with the National Office on or after July 1, 2022. Analogous to the support Luke received when he was a student, the recipient chapter will receive funding, resources, and invaluable mentorship from Luke as an Active Minds alum.

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